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Actions in connection with Covid-19 

At Hotel Knudsens Gaard we do our utmost to make sure you, as our guest, will feel safe. We follow all guidelines and give priority to the safety of you and our employees. 

At our hotel you will find direct access to the rooms from outside, and most rooms have private entry. Therefore you do not need to come close to other guests. 

At the reception, we have a large glass cover over the front desk to protect both guests and staff.

In the rooms, in top of the normal cleaning, we disinfect all tops, handels, telephone, remote controls etc. and disinfecting serviettes are available.
Keys and credit card terminals are disinfected after use, and our employees are instructed to give the cleanliness extra attention. 

In the restaurant we have changed the menues into single use menues. Tables and chairs are placed with the advised distances between in both restaurant and meeting rooms. 
Signs are placed at the entrance to all rooms, function rooms etc. stating the maximum amount of persons allowed. There is hand disinfection available in all rooms. 
Should you wish not to have breakfast, lunch or dinner in our restaurant, we can serve this in your room. 

For the breakfast buffet we have made access unidirectional to make sure guests going out do not have to pass other guests coming in.

During the period from 19 September untill 31 October, the authorities has further more emphasized that everybody must wear a facemask or a visor while standing or walking in all restaurants or areas where food/drinks are served. Our restaurant staff will therefore wear a facemask/visor at all times. Guests must also wear facemask/visor in the restaurant areas, unless when they are sitting down. Have you not brought your own, you can buy a facemask at reception.  
At the same time the restauranten must close at 22:00 hours.  

In public toilets you will find touchless water taps, paper towells and hand disinfection for your convenience. 

Hand disinfection is available in all public areas. 

We look forward welcoming you at Hotel Knudsens Gaard.