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Hotel Knudsens Gaard have focus on sustainability based on UN’s Global Compacts, which is 10 principles regarding human rights, employee rights, environment and fighting corruption.

As part of the Best Western Hotel Group, we are always focused on development and new environmental projects, to secure the proper knowledge of work environment, ethics and availability at the hotel.

The international eco label of tourism

Green Key

Hotel Knudsens Gaard are certified by Green Key.

With this certificate, you are, as a guest, guaranteed an eco-labelled hotel. We make an effort to save water and energy, to take care of the environment, and continually take new actions in improving the environment daily.

The criteria to become certified by GREEN KEY are fulfillment of mandatory and optional requirements, within 12 areas:
Environment, staff involvement, guest information, water, washing and cleaning, garbage, energy, food, smoking, indoor climate, outdoor areas, green activities and administration.

Continue and read more about how we are taking care of the environment during your stay at Hotel Knudsens Gaard

Our focus

Our focus

At Hotel Knudsens Gaard our focus are:

  • Staff involvement in responsibilities, initiatives, and environment in relation to Green Key
  • Creating environment oriented information for our guests
  • Sorting garbage and returning packaging to our suppliers
  • Information for our guests regarding the nature in our neighborhood
  • Our kitchen uses local goods whenever possible, and herbs from our own garden
  • Using an eco-friendly laundry and data suppliers
  • Complying with national and international laws for environment, health, security and labor
  • Our internet is delivered by GlobalConnect, Denmark’s first data center supplier. GlobalConnect has achieved “Energy Efficiency Certificate” with A-rating in energy efficiency.

As a guest

Your contribution

As a guest you have the option contributing to sustainability. You can:

  • Leave your car and borrow a bike during your stay
  • Turn off the light and electronic devices when you leave your room
  • Reuse towels and keep the bed linen an extra day
  • Save water
  • Drink tap water instead of bottle water (our tap water is very clean and just as good as mineral water)
  • Please contact the staff in case of any questions or suggestions for improvement.

Questions regarding environment are important to us.

In case of any comments or questions regarding sustainability, please don’t hesitate to contact us here:

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