Our history

Our history

Knudsens Gaard

“It was so lovely in the countryside; it was summer, the corn was yellow, the oats green, the hay had been raised in stacks in the green meadows, and there the stork walked on its long legs, speaking Egyptian because that language he had learned from his mother……”

Who knows, maybe Hans Christian Andersen was inspired to write the fairytale about The Ugly Duckling during his walks to get milk in Knudsens Farm?

Back to year 1100

But the story about Knudsens Farm can be written even further back in time.

Until the year 1100, when Knud VI donated 8 farms in the village of Hunderup to the convent of Dalum.

At the reformation in 1536 Hunderup was included under the Crown, and the farms of Hunderup were laid out to be manor house stables. They worked like this until 1765, when all the farm owners of Hunderup bought their holding from the king, and became freeholders.

From Motel Odense to Hotel Knudsens Gaard

In 1954 the main building and the stables were handed over to ‘A/S De Knudsenske Grunde’ and were changed into Motel Odense – Hotel Knudsens Gaard, which was finally inaugurated in November 1955.

Since then the hotel has regularly been updated and renovated, but always with great respect for the history and for the preservation of the original farm.

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