Parkering at Hotel Knudsens Gaard

Hotel Knudsens Gaard offers 60 free parking spaces. The spaces are reserved for hotel guests.

49 spaces are outdoors.

In our enclosed parking garage, there are 11 spaces, including 4 with charging stations reserved for electric cars.

We do not reserve parking spaces.


We offer 2 Clever charging stations. The Clever charging stations can be used with a subscription or by logging in to the Clever App. The chargers are 22 kW, and you must bring your own plug. Knudsens Gaard does not sell tokens, subscriptions, or similar for the charging stations.

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The spaces at the charging stations are reserved for electric cars while they are being charged. Electric cars are requested to be moved after charging is complete to make room for the next guest.


Rosengårdcentret has a larger area with 28 supercharger Tesla charging stations. The area is accessible 24 hours a day. Rosengårdscentret, Ørbækvej 75, 5230 Odense M.

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E.ON owns a charging network with more than 1,600 charging points in cities and along highways. Just 2.7 KM from Hotel Knudsens Gaard is the nearest E.ON charging station, located at Odense ZOO’s parking lot, Sdr. Boulevard 306, 5000 Odense C.

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