Onion puree, pickled onions and bisque
kr. 148,00

Terrine of pork
Beetroot and cream with mustard
kr. 138,00

Braised shank of veal
Potatoes and leeks
kr. 268,00

Sour dough and pickled prunes
kr. 148,00

Grilled lemon tart
Burned merengue and lemon sorbet
kr. 138,00

2 courses 368.00 kr.
3 courses 428.00 kr.
4 courses 488.00 kr.
5 courses 528.00 kr.

2 glass 170.00 kr.
3 glass 255.00 kr.
4 glass 340.00 kr.
5 glass 425.00 kr.

Á la carte


Soup of Jerusalem artichokes
Variation of Jerusalem artichokes and parsley
kr. 138,00

Beetroot ravioli
Lighty cured salmon and mustard dressing
kr. 138,00

Steak tartare
Pickled beetroot and sour dough croutons
kr. 148,00


Skin-fried hake
Seasonal cabbage and fish fumé
kr. 298,00

250 g. grilled ribeye steak
Garlic, rosemary and sauce béarnaise
Served with a crispy salad
kr. 368,00

Extras: French frites
kr. 45,00

Braised pork cheeks
Celeriac and horseradish
kr. 258,00

Winter salad
Kale, carrots, marinated pear, salted almonds
and fresh cheese
kr. 208,00

Pumpkin Ravioli
Blue mussels and sauce moules
kr. 228,00


Grilled lemon tart
Burned merengue and lemon sorbet
kr. 138,00

Chocolate mousse
Roasted hazelnut and an olive oil ice cream
kr. 138,00

Pickled berries from summer
Cream with berries and blackberry sorbet
kr. 138,00

Four danish cheeses
Homemade garniture and crackers
kr. 148,00

Hot beverages
French press 45,00
Café latte 44,00
Cappuccino 44,00
Americano 38,00
Hot chocolate with whipped cream 55,00
Espresso 28,00
Double espresso 45,00
Irish coffee 115,00

Daniel Boujo, Grande Champagne 63,00
Daniel Boujo, Trés Vieux, Grande Champagne 98,00
Daniel Boujo, XO 72,00
Tesseron, Lot No. 90 AOC 125,00
Tesseron, Lot No. 76 AOC 145,00
Antinori, Tignanello 98,00
Grappa Nebbiolo Da Barolo 118,00

Pacheca, Tawny Port 85,00
Pacheca, Tawny Port 10 års 110,00
Pacheca, Tawny Port White 85,00

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